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Introduction Post: Me! Me! Me!

Hiya! Anne here. I’m a YA author-in-training, slave to folklore and mythology from around the world, and beagle-owner. Brody the beagle and I live in Denver, Colorado. I’m currently unagented but hopeful.

As the blog title suggests, most of my entries chronicle my path to publication. I’ve been writing short stories to flex my writing muscles and winning a couple contests along the way. All of them are listed under Saturday Shorts.

Here are a few to get us acquainted: La Belle Dame sans Merci & Princess Tuvstarr (winners at merry_fates comm); Aqualight & All the Ships Go Down (winners at brigits_flame comm); Biology 101 & Rip Out the Wings of a Butterfly (personal favs).
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Celebrate Good Times

Musa Publishing Anniversary Blog Hop (x-posted from Wordpress)

ladameàlalicorne-300dpiOn August 23 of this year, Euterpe YA (an imprint of Musa Publishing) published my short story "La Dame à La Licorne." To help celebrate my release and Musa Publishing's First Year Anniversary, I'm holding a mini giveaway. Enter to win a copy of my short story (3 winners) or a $25 Amazon gift card (1 winner). This prize is open to US & International residents. The winner of my mini giveaway will be announced on October 9th. The winners have 72 hours to send me their email addresses to claim their prizes.

Enter here to win a $25 Amazon gift card or an eBook of "La Dame à La Licorne" (This mini-contest opens Oct 1 at midnight EST!)

An overview:

"Always obey your father. That’s what Katherine’s done her entire life. She studies dead languages and practices knife-throwing. Now Pappa’s listening to a virtual stranger, and she’s convinced the stranger cares more about killing monsters than her own safety. Pappa won’t even tell her what they’re going after. He says it’s because if she knows too much, then she’s tainted by that knowledge and it will spoil the hunt.

Can she trust Pappa’s judgment or leave her future in the hands of the stranger? With only her wits to protect her, she joins them in the most terrifying night of the year."

You can purchase it directly from Musa Publishing for only $0.99. It can also be purchased from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Smashwords. Good luck to everyone who enters!

To win the Kindle Fire (and even more prizes) there are 80+ different blogs with their own prizes and chances to be entered into the grand prize drawing. Click the Anniversary icon to be taken to the list of eligible blogs.anniversarybutton

Official Rules:

1) HAVE FUN!!!


3) THIS TOUR STARTS: October 1, at Midnight (PST)
THIS TOUR ENDS: Monday, October 7, at Midnight (PST)
Winners will be drawn and posted October 9th! ***

Come Join the Party on October 7th at The Romance Review Forum to enter to win more prizes.


5) Grand Prize of a Kindle Fire is for US and Canada mailing addresses only. International winners will receive a $50.00 Musa Gift Card. Winner will be announce on October 7th 2012 at 11 est at The romance review forum.


***Authors & Book Pages have full discretion to choose an alternate winner in the event any winner fails to claim their prize(s) within 72 hours of their name being posted or after notification of win, whichever comes first. Anyone who participates in this blog hop tour is subject to these rules***
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A Whole New World

I've been talking about moving from LJ to some other blogging site for a long time now. Still haven't made the move 100%, but I'm starting to lean in the WordPress direction. In fact, two other writers (rebness and @jenwritesthings)and I have started Cimmerian Tales. We post stories Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights. Every week we write ~1,500 words on a new theme or prompt. We'd love it if you stopped by for a tale or six (which is how many will be posted come Friday night). So far we've talked about cursed trees, centaurs, and the Titanic. Bring a flashlight because we're not leaving the lights on. >:D

As soon as I figure out the workings of it, I'll post the link to the RSS feed. Until then, you can follow us on twitter: @cimmeriantales or CT on Tumblr.

We welcome comments, critiques, and cookies.

PS: rebness mentions in this post right here, every story isn't going to be a best-seller. We going to throw things at the wall and see what sticks. Just like pasta, not everything will, but I hope that you'll find something in all of them to enjoy. We're pretty damn excited about the whole thing.
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The New Year Begins ... You Know What That Means!

This time of year is when I share my resolutions publicly so I have more impetus to finish them. I usually complete about 80% of them. Last year I finished 40% because 2011 as a whole was a long difficult year. I lost a lot. It's hard for me to look back and find the positives, but they were there mixed up with the negatives. They're harder to find because they hid in the little things. Like, Brody was healthy. Or, my friends were kind.

2012's list is compiled of things I can do tomorrow, things I can do in months to come, and things that will span the entire 12 months. Typically, I make twelve resolutions -- one for each month -- and here they are in no specific order:

  1. Do something that scares me once a month (but that isn't life-threatening to me or others)
  2. Detail and fix car
  3. Be Healthier in mind, body, and spirit
  4. Write
    • Submit more short stories
    • Work on that horror novel
    • Write query / synopsis for U. Start that scary process (can count as #1 too!)
    • Self-publish collection with or without illustrations

  5. Get a professional pedicure more than once a year
  6. Purchase an eReader
  7. Catalogue music, movies, and books
    • Sell, trade, or give away all the doubles / extras

  8. Move blog from LJ to Blogger (in Sep when paid acct expires)
  9. Write Thank Yous
  10. Curb dining-out from every day to once a month (which is a sneaky way of me saying I still need to learn how to cook)
  11. Learn a new skill (2010 = guitar, 2011 = crochet). Thinking this one should be in tech
  12. Go somewhere I've never been before.

2012: I want to make an impact and do something that matters. That's not on the list, but more than anything, I want to get busy living so I have no time for dying.

I forgot to mention that I'm getting rid of my internet @home starting tomorrow. I have high hopes this means I'll be more productive without the distraction it brings.
Celebrate Good Times

Lists of 2011

Not much to say up-front. My lists this year are incomplete. Somewhere in the middle I stopped writing down the books I'd read and the movies I'd seen. These two lists are not in order either, but it's a good chunk of the truth.

One more thing, this is a little "game" my brother and I play every year. The goal is to have more books than movies on the list. The rest of the rules are arbitrary and change as fast as we can think of reasons to change them.

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On Friendship and Loss

I’ve been working on this for two weeks, and it remains a mess. But if I don’t let it into the world now, I never will; and then I will regret that too. Forgive me for my blunderings; this will be a long entry.

I call one of my dearest friends “Sandra Dee”, and even after all these years of friendship -- over a decade -- she smiles at me when I call her that. She smiles and says, “I’m Sandra Kay!”

Her refusal to be anything but who she was is one of the many things I’ll miss about her. Sandra passed away on November 22nd, unexpected and suddenly. She was only 39. She had been married the week before, on November 12th, to her soul mate, Robert. For ten days she went by the one nickname she’d wanted more than anything else as long as I knew her: Mrs.

”There are no happy endings because nothing ends.”
~ The Last Unicorn, Peter S. Beagle

I’d like to believe that’s true, but the fact is that there’s an irreparable hole in my life. Sandra was the older sister I never had. She wasn’t famous or rich, but she was a light in my life for too short a time. We met while playing ice hockey. I was in school and working as a Zamboni driver for a local ice rink as my after-school job. Beyond decisions on the ice, she talked me through so many life decisions over the years. I don’t exactly know how to be me without her a phone call away.

I never played with a more passionate player than Sandra. She wasn’t the best player, or the fastest, or the biggest, but Sandra pushed herself to play with 100% of everything she could give the sport. She made me such a better player for it. For every goal she got, Sandra spent about four minutes in the penalty box. I always teased her that she needed to get sneakier about her infractions. “It’s only cheating if you get caught.”

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Flash Fiction, ftw!

Someone reminded me that I haven't posted in a bit. Sorry. Things are crazy at work (per usual). Here, have the idea of something I can't play with yet, but it was good enough for a 300 word contest:

I’m eight and don’t yet know fear.

Mother’s screaming pierces my sleep. Getting out of bed and picking up my new blade, I race up the servant’s staircase in the North Tower. It’s cramped and dark, the screams echo against the cold stones, making the space smaller.

I’m eight and don’t yet know monsters.

A blast of cold air hits me as I reach my parents’ bedchamber. Moonlight falls through an enormous slash in the wall. The smell of butchered meat and feathers fills my nose. A rush of wings and claws overpower Mother. I see Father strewn across the bed like a discarded doll. His once-proud chest lies in shreds; he stares at me with eyeless sockets. A bird-woman throws Eleanor, my infant sister, out into the night to another who catches the babe in her feet and flies away. Eleanor’s wails carry on the wind.

I’m eight and don’t yet know bravery.

The steel’s heavy in my sweaty grip. Stepping into the room, chin held level, I avoid looking down at my parents. “I command you to leave!” I scream in a high-pitched voice. A beautiful woman’s face, streaked with blood, turns to find me in the dark of the stairwell.

I’m eight and don’t yet know pain.

In an instant she’s upon me, one talon gripping around my waist, and the other stabbing deep into my left cheek. Her wings snap and move in the air above me. Something sings through my veins. I raise my sword, slashing down hard and true. The blade bites until two heavy talons fall to the floor. The price: my eye. I grip the hollow space, and hear the king’s guard marching inside. The bird-woman escapes, a curse on her lips.

I’m eight and don’t yet know the word for revenge.
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World-Class Meme

Leave a comment and:

  • I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better.
  • Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
  • Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions (but only if you want to).

Five questions from the delightful rebness:

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If anyone wants to know moar about me, please feel free to ask in the comments.
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FOREVER Trailer Contest

The last book in the WOLVES OF MERCY FALLS trilogy is coming in July! You can win a bunch of great prizes at m_stiefvater's blog. I really want the ARC of THE SCORPIO RACES! I pine. I pine! My copy of FOREVER has been pre-ordered since ... forever ago. ;)

Look at FOREVER's book trailer with music composed and performed by Ms. Stiefvater herself. (Is there anything she can't do?)

If you want a SIGNED copy of any of Maggie's works, please visit Fountain Bookstore.